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I was working out on my own for a while but was looking for a change in my routine- I knew I needed something more challenging. I always thought that CrossFit was for super fit serious people and so I was kind of intimidated. One day I walked into the gym hesitant but curious to try it. What I found was a fun supportive community of regular people like myself! Two years later I'm still going to the 8am class 4-5 days a week. Everyone at the gym is so encouraging, and they always push me to be my best; no one ever lets anyone off the hook in here. CF has transformed my life in such a positive way! I'm stronger, happier, healthier and carry less stress, and my clothes fit better! Thank you CroosFit Ko'olau Fam!
Laura Naylor
I had always wanted to try CrossFit before, but I never had to guts to ever actually attend, everything about it intimidated me. After having my 4th child, and struggling with always feeling tired, I had enough. I took myself to CrossFit Ko'olau and enrolled in the classes. While attending CrossFit I was able to attend a nutrition class they hosted which was amazing! I learned about a sustainable way to get healthy without going on a drastic diet. I LOVE CrossFit because it has challenged not only my physical boundaries but it also helps me to push past my mental barriers! Thank you Crossfit Ko'olau for introducing me to a sustainable way of eating and a positive community to work out with!
Rejieli Smith
A year ago, I was able to be in my first in-house CrossFit competition at CrossFit Ko`olau. I was 187lbs, and I had already lost 30lbs from the August, prior, when I had Rusty. Today, I'm 160lbs and I can front squat 50lbs heavier, quicker, run faster, and I feel more secure about myself than I have in years. Tbh tho, I've had the bestest and closest group of friends who've helped me so much in my journey to get to where I am and I am seriously so grateful to them for getting me through post partum depression, being alone for most of last year, and lifting me up every time I felt some low blows or needed a pick me up. I got some major fitness goals this year and none of them include me being pregnant so WOOOHOOO!!!
Lanea Snow

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